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LED Strip Light

CroLED Ambient backlight for your Display


FAQ about Ambient Lighting Kit:

Q1: What’s Ambient Lighting Kit for?

A: It can synchronously extend the overall TV image hue into real environment which greatly enhance the presence feeling of viewing. Simultaneously, it can reduce the visual fatigue caused by watching TV in the darkness environment and protect eyesight.

Q2: Does any model of STB and TV compatible?

A: If the connection way of source device and display device is HDMI, you can easily link the Kit to use. Notebook can use the HDMI projection joint. Part of devices without HDIM joint can link through an adapter.

Q3: What size and resolution of TV it can support?

A: The Kit is with the standard equipped 5meter LED light strip. The maximum TV size it can surround is 72inch. The extra length can be wiped out from the place where exposes copper on the strip (sign +,R,G,B)or twine for reserve. The maximum TV video signal it can support is HDMI 1080P@60HZ. As for the 4K video signal, the output should be setted as 1080P@60HZ or below.

Q4. What should be noticed about the light strip installation?


1. For better immersive atmosphere, the display devices such as TV should be put close to wall for best lighting reflection.

2. To keep the original hue, the reflection wall is best to be in white color or light color.

3. Please avoid installing that the LED strip with lighting directly in eyes, in case of influencing the experience.

4. During the corner installation, the blank part of the LED strip can be bended properly, but the part with components and parts cannot be over bended, or it will be damaged.

5. The LED lamp bead is an ESD sensitive device. Please avoid touching it by hand during using it and keep dry.

New Experience

CroLED Backlight creates a cinema-like atmosphere while watching the movies or play games and significantly increases the size of the screen. Such a great thing for 3D screens to enhancing a 3D experience. 

Reduce Eye Fatigue

Ambient lighting can remedies eyestrain by reducing the necessary range of motion in the iris muscles.

Increase Viewing Hours
Whether you're an avid game player, movie watcher or simply an extensive computer user, sound science halo 5050 LED lighting makes sure you're able to perform comfortably for extended periods.

Specification:American Standard
Working Voltage / Current: 12V/1.5A
Power Length:1M
Video Interface:HDMI
Video Resolution:1080P
Frame rate:60 F/S 
Controller Size:61*61*13mm
HDMI type: 1.4a 
HDMI Length:1.4M
LED Strip Length:5M
Lamp Beads:SMD5050
Lamp Beads Number:150 LED
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